From the earthy tones of 2017 to Ultra Violet in 2018, the Pantone Color of the Year is sparking creative energy in every industry! From fashion to floral to furniture and lighting, exuberant and electric purple is becoming a part of everyone’s color pallet. Whether little accents or bold statements, we are loving the inspiration coming out of Ultra Violet, and here’s why.


No one will be sitting down when there is an Ultra Violet light illuminating the dance floor, or the entire room. Ultra Violet is energetic and vibrant, as will be your event when incorporating this purple. Lighting is the root of your event’s tone, feeling and energy. Think about the way your living room, office or bedroom looks during the day versus the evening when the sun goes down. Think about the way lighting is used in restaurants, cafes, bars or clubs and the feeling and energy of the clientele or crowd. An energetic vibe and feeling accompanying a great hue that is sure to enhance your event’s color pallet is the ultimate win-win!


With new and creative ways to add pops of color to your event, Ultra Violet is among the colors found in “trendy” foods! From icing on the cake to veggies like purple cabbage, cauliflower, or carrots you can add pops of color to your dinner plate, table designs and buffet table using Ultra Violet colored food! Other pops of color, more common for you event, can come from florals, linens and fashion.

All purple floral arrangements can fill your event with bold, bright color or use a few irises or purple orchids in your arrangements to add subtle accents of purple. Mix and match with Ultra Violet table cloths and napkins, varying linen textures and an unbeatable color pallet by integrating grays, blues, various purples and/or silvers. Dress up your crew or bridal party in Ultra Violet suits or dresses, or by incorporating Ultra Violet pocket squares, ties, sashes, shoes or jewelry. Dare to be bold and stand out!


Futuristic, modern, out of this world, innovative. With a color like this there is endless room to add in more contemporary elements and designs to your event. LED furniture that glows purple, or white lounge furniture illuminated by a purple glow will certainly bring out the “Ultra” in Ultra Violet. Get creative with décor and centerpieces. Upgrade your designs by adding in a few glowing Ultra Violet LED orbs, crystal chandeliers or glass centerpieces. Keep the innovation alive with sound effects, projections, monograms and captivating lighting designs that this color is screaming for!

For more Ultra Violet ideas and to collaborate with our experts, reach out to us at events@bookmcr.com!

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