Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Room at 900 available for rent year round?
Yes.  Special events on weekends must begin at 5:30 PM due to businesses inside of the 900 building closing with the exception of ceremonies on site within the building.   Events during the weekdays are possible as long as 30 day notice is given to work out proper logistics.

Does The Room at 900 have a kitchen?
No, caterers must bring all of their own equipment, however we do have a staging area with ample power and dedicated circuits for your caterers needs.

Does the Room at 900 have restrooms?
Yes, there are (3) dedicated men’s and women’s restrooms available.

Is The Room at 900 handicapped accessible?

Do I require Special Event insurance?
It is required to have a liability policy for your event that day. . You will need a certificate of insurance naming Wombley LLC and MCR Productions LLC as an additional insured for  liability coverage of $1,000,000 or greater including the serving of alcohol.

Does The Room at 900 provide tables and chairs?
All tables, chairs, china, and decor is provided by MCR Design Group and must be rented for the day.  You will have a multitude of options from the most economical to the most elaborate at your fingertips.

Who do I contact regarding decor and design?
MCR Design Group handles all design needs inside the Room at 900.  Outside vendors for decor and design are not permitted.

Is there a special preferred list for vendors?
Yes.  Upon booking The Room at 900 will give you an extensive list of preferred vendors that we have selected.  All vendors that are not listed must be cleared with the Room at 900 in advance.

Is there a fee for the use of the A/V system?
A $250 tech fee is all that is required for the use of our in house system.  All powerpoints or files can be dropboxed to us and we will set this up in advance for you

Do we have to use the recommended caterers?
The Room at 900 has a preferred list of caterers.  Anyone not on the list must be cleared with the Room at 900 for proper paperwork.  All caterers that are not on the list are required to pay a facilities use fee of $500.00.

Can we provide our own food?
No. All food must be prepared by a licensed caterer.

Are candles allowed on the tables?
Open flame is allowed within the Room at 900

Is there security at the event?
Yes.  There is a $250 fee required to provide (2) guards for the duration of your event to ensure the safety of your guests.

Will someone be on site to help us?

Your fee includes a Room at 900 representative who will be available 1 1/2 hour prior to your event until closing.

How many guests can The Room at 900 accommodate?

The Room at 900 can accommodate up to 350 people seated.

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