The emerging trend of “minimalism” is making its way into the event industry with clean and simple elements and décor, proving that sometimes less really is more! Including more white, cream and soft neutral tones along with smaller centerpieces and less complex table designs creates a simply fresh but still elegant and stunning event. While some people are trading in their gold or fruitwood Chiavari chairs and wooden bars for acrylic styles to compliment this look, we’ve picked out three great ways to incorporate more acrylic furniture into your event!

Whether you’re looking for a clean minimalist look or a modern and sleek design, you might find acrylic tables, chairs and bars to be just the right pieces to bring your décor to the next level and bring your vision to life!

Acrylic Tables

No linens, no problem! From acrylic dining tables to cocktail tables, this is the perfect way to keep an elegant and modern look without the use of linens. Acrylic has its own unique raw look and glow that truly thrives just as is. You and your guests will love the sleek look, clean sharp lines and trendy bare bones of this essential furniture!

Acrylic Chairs

Sticking with the same color and materials is a big part of this emerging trend. Keeping the larger and essential elements fairly uniform and simple is key! From a classic, tried and true Chiavari style chairs to a rounded and modern looking Phoenix style, acrylic chairs come in various shapes that will compliment your décor and match your tables!

Acrylic Bars

Away with the heavy wood and in with a frosted acrylic! What we also love about this type of bar is the ability to customize the size and shape depending on your needs and guest list. Go from a larger full bar, complete with a bar back to a smaller simpler design, big enough for one or two bartenders.  No matter the size or shape, opting for an acrylic bar can lighten the atmosphere and enhance the clean look to your event.

Keep an eye out for more tips and emerging trends from our experts, and work with us to design the event of your dreams by reaching out to events@theroomat900.com!

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