When pictures say 1,000 words and videos are priceless, incorporating them into your event can be pure magic! Trends for social media, slide shows and new ways to capture fairytale moments on the big day have been rapidly changing and evolving to easily share and relive memories with friends and family. Now, whether across the street, across the country, or even across the oceans, loved ones can send photos, video messages, or live video streams to take part in events, both big and small. From live streaming graduations, weddings, or corporate meetings to posting photos on social media or personal blogs, it has never been easier to stay close and connected with one another.

We’ve seen exciting trends and creative ways to mix in photos and videos into events and we hope these trends continue to grow into bigger and better ideas in 2018!

  1. Videos

Collecting moments and memories through photos and videos and compiling them into a slideshow has been a fun element for many events for many years. Syncing photos to music or adding in videos and commentary has been a meaningful way to inspire and entertain both at the event or uploading the finished project to YouTube or social media afterwards to post highlights from your event. Technology has gone even further with allowing people to set up live video streams to project special moments from the event on a screen to display the celebrations from anywhere in the room or on the web for friends and family around the world. Sharing these special moments in real time with those that may not have been able to attend is certainly a meaningful element and we love being able to stay connected with those who are far away or are unable to attend.

  1. Social Media Hashtags

Capturing moments with disposable cameras on each guest table is a great way to see candid moments you may have missed as the host or honoree of your event. But one trend that took this idea to another level is the creative, catchy, fun, and one-of-a-kind social media hashtags for your event. This is the ultimate personal and original touch for your event. Not only are your guests able to use this hashtag throughout the day/night to share fun and meaningful moments on social media, but you can then instantly see these photos and videos. Days, months, or possibly even years after the event, it can be a piece of cake to search your unique hashtag wherever you are and remember and recall enjoyable moments from your event.

Social media hashtags are also a fantastic way to document and share your event planning journey with family, friends or co-workers. Those who may not be able to join you in person, but still would like to be involved and help with the stages of planning, can search your event hashtag and see the progress and ideas that have come into play.


  1. Drone Photography

Most photographers at events capture beautiful shots of people having a good time, of the host and/or honoree, and of important festivities throughout the event.  Recently, photographers have been using drones to take stunning images and video from a new perspective, a bird’s eye view! This is a growing trend that enables images of larger crowds of people and incorporates many new and exceptional angles for creative photos that a common camera would not be able to capture. And we cannot wait to see what else these drones can do for the photography and event world!

What trends are you eager to see flourish in the New Year?


Get creative with our team of experts and find the best ways to incorporate these trends into your event. Reach out today at and learn more about our 61-ft video wall and other state of the art elements!

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