Once you’ve kissed your bride or groom and walk arm in arm back down the aisle as newlyweds, seemingly the hard part is over, and the fun begins. But whether you are hosting 50 or 500 guests at your reception, things can sometimes stray away from your original plan. But don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered!

One of the best ways to keep everyone on track and help make the night flow smoothly, is through your DJ/Band. From special announcements to your favorite songs, your DJ/Band will be your go-to all night long to keep everything in check. So, before you say, “I do” make sure you talk to your entertainment about these five important details!

  1. Playlist

Easy enough to guess, one of the first things you need your entertainment to know is the songs you definitely want to hear at your event. From important musical details like entrance music, first dances and other special moments, to your favorite Madonna or Bruno Mars tracks, communicating these specific songs is key for the DJ to make sure you and your guests have a fantastic time!

  1. Do NOT Play List

Maybe even more important than the playlist is the do NOT play list! Often this conversation with your entertainment can be easily overlooked or forgotten about, but we truly believe that one bad song choice can turn the night from a wonderful time to a not so wonderful time, pretty quickly. From an overplayed radio hit to something that holds not so great memories or even just a buzz kill in your opinion, can all be listed and sent to the entertainment as to never be played or heard at your event.

  1. Name Pronunciations

The last thing anyone wants is to pronounce someone’s name incorrectly, especially at your event! Make sure to go over each name that will be announced with the MC and, for good measure, spell some trickier names phonetically. Your MC will thank you for your attention to detail as will your guests and honorees.

  1. Speeches and Special Events

No two events are the same, and that means speeches or special events you plan on having at your event should be reviewed with your MC. Your MC will be the one to communicate with your guests to make sure they are gathered around and aware of what is going on. They may also help to ensure that those giving speeches are properly set up to be heard.

  1. Timeline of Event

Last on our list, but most certainly not the least, is the timeline of your event. One of the essential tasks your MC has is to keep the night moving and flowing seamlessly. From gathering your guests from cocktail hour to their seats for dinner, to making sure everyone is ready and lined up for their entrance, and knowing when it’s time to wind down the party, and any other detail regarding your event, your MC should be the “know-it-all” and the go-to for the entire evening.  Your only job is to relax and enjoy!

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